Friday, November 21, 2014

Fabulous Feasts

Coming up on the December 2nd release date for SINFULLY EVER AFTER at last! This is the second installment in the Book Club Belles series and I hope you enjoy it! The heroine, Becky Sherringham, is not easily impressed by men - after all, she has two of the most difficult males in captivity to look after (her father and her brother). But when she meets Colonel Lucius "Lucky Luke" Wainwright, she finds out that it is possible for a man to be useful.
In the kitchen, of all places!
He may not be a professional chef, but Lucky Luke has a way with food and saves her with his skill at making a feast out of a few ingredients.
Do you have a "sinfully" delicious recipe for the season that you'd like to share? If so, please contact me at and you could have a recipe featured in my series of posts in December.

Jayne xx

Monday, August 11, 2014


If you've just found this blog - Welcome! I'd like to take this moment to tell you a bit about myself.

My epitaph will probably include the words, "she should have known better." I shuffle around the house in worn-out woolly socks, don't own a solitary t-shirt that isn’t stained, talk to myself, sing Amy Winehouse in the shower, have a morbid fear of sewing machines and ironing boards, drink too much coffee, would work for coconut cake, and spend five hours a day writing to maintain a relative degree of sanity.
As a child, my desire to entertain manifested itself in weekly performances from a cupboard in my bedroom. The repertoire was extensive and varied, including a one-woman version of “Jaws”, complete with a musical interlude for ice-cream. Sadly my audience of stuffed animals, dolls and bored sisters was mostly unimpressed and only mildly attentive.
The entertainment I provide for my family is now sadly limited to books published and occasional webcam shenanigans, since we're all far apart. My sisters remain unimpressed by this thing called a writing career and only approve of my wicked stories when they can be assured the heroine is based upon them.
They wait patiently for a story in which everyone keeps their clothes on. Mostly they claim to have no clue where I gets these ideas.
But then I really don't know either.
I've been published now since 2011 and it's certainly been a learning experience. I've discovered that while I love the process of writing and editing, I'm pretty bad at promotion and marketing. I can get so absorbed in writing a scene that I will forget the time, but I never forget a prize promised to a reader/fan. I've also learned that not everyone will like what I write. But that's fine - we can't all like the same colours and pizza toppings or life would be very dull. I've met some fabulous, supportive fans and I've also made some wonderful friends within the writing community.
I hope to continue writing for the rest of my life, to keep the readers happy and myself in wooly socks!
I can be found on Twitter @jaynefresina, on Facebook and at almost any bookstore (online and on your street corner).

So that's me for you!

Welcome to my blog,

Calamity Jayne

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Do you want to join the Book Club Belles?

I have decided to create a club for my faithful readers to thank them for their support. If you are interested in joining, please contact me with a private message through my Facebook Author page. All I require from you is your real name and mailing address - just for my own security purposes. I won't ask for reviews or anything else from you. Benefits of joining are: access to ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) of all my new releases, latest news and cover reveals, as well as occasional gifts appropriate for a Book Club Belle!

Sign up here with a private message:

Again, this is not a Street Team. I'm not asking for any help with my promo. Just looking for genuine, "old-fashioned" readers who enjoy my work and would like to be in on the breaking news! :)


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Release Day Party!

Finally the day is here - The Book Club Belles are formally "out" in society with ONCE UPON A KISS. Would you like to win a signed paperback of the new release? If so, please join my Facebook author page and send me a message there. I have a few copies left - not many!

I'll be appearing in various web spots over the next week or so and posting links to the interviews and giveaways on my FB page as they come up, so keep an eye out!

Thanks and Happy Reading!

The couple in my newest novel ONCE UPON A KISS have a bit of a hard time communicating.

You expect life to mimic fiction and when it does not you are disappointed. You wait for a man like one of those you read about. One who spouts poetry and makes an ass of himself on bended knee.”

“Why not? You’re able to make an ass of yourself upright.”

Available Now!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Character Showcase - Justina Penny

Well, it's finally Jussy's turn and she's been waiting impatiently to meet you all! As the first leading lady in my Book Club Belles Society series, Justina Penny is one of the youngest and most wayward of all my heroines.
For the year 1815 she is definitely ahead of her time in some ways. She knows (or thinks she knows) what she does and does not want in her life, and her hopes for the future do not include the usual expectations of a young lady in the Regency era. Fortunately for her, no one else in her family holds out much hope for Jussy in that regard either. As the sister with the fewest expectations placed upon her, she makes the most of her freedom.

But, of course, even though she thinks she has the world sewn up, she has some growing up to do. At nineteen she is an independent, plucky spirit and while that has its good points, it also has it's drawbacks.
Her bravery also makes her reckless and gets her into sticky situations.
Her quick mind can also be stubborn and cause her to be so sure she's right that everyone else must always be wrong.
That bright imagination can also blind her to reality.

I know that for me, part of Justina's charm is that she isn't perfect. Far from it, in fact. She's not a mature, wise, all-knowing, flawless young woman who never puts a foot wrong. She begins her story in the preview short BEFORE THE KISS, when, during a trip to Bath, she meets Mr. Darius Wainwright and immediately decides he's the most stuck-up gentleman she's ever known. From that beginning it's clear she has a journey of discovery yet to make.
By the end of ONCE UPON A KISS she has learned a lot more about Darius, and also about herself.

And Jussy is not just the naughty girl bent on rebellion. She also has many good points - including a kind heart, devotion to her family, loyalty to her friends and a desire to bring a smile to a certain grumpy fellow's lips.
Yes, she leaps first and asks questions later, but one day, perhaps, she'll be mature enough (or so her elder sister Cathy hopes) to consider the consequences for once, before her feet leave the ground. By the end of ONCE UPON A KISS there are signs that this might one day come to pass. After all, miracles can't happen overnight.

I'll leave you with an excerpt from Miss Justina Penny's diary -

August 29th, 1815 A.D.

Today I splashed Mrs. Dockley from head to toe, broke a china plate, and failed to heed Mama. Thrice. All these things, but for the last, were quite accidental. I was quarrelsome on four occasions and fibbed regarding the china plate, pieces of which will one day be found buried in the herb garden and not in the possession of a wild-eyed, knife-wielding gypsy with a wart and a wooden foot. Although I think my version of events is better.

Sometimes real life is very dull, or simply incon­venient, and things never turn out quite the way one expects or hopes. I have heard it said that challenges are sent to try us. I would like to know who is sending so many to me, for I believe they have been misad­dressed. I am quite tried enough, and I suspect that someone, somewhere, is completely light since I have all their calamities as well as my own. Speaking of which, today I thought of the Wrong Man again.

I know not why he continues to plague me, unless it is a developing, chronic case of Maiden’s Palsy. It has been over a year. All I can say is, the blasted town of Bath has a great deal to answer for and I would not go there again for ten thousand pounds and a life supply of hot chocolate.

I cursed inventively when I caught my skirt in the kitchen door and again when I found a splinter in my finger. At approximately ten o’clock, when I saw Lucy in her new scarlet cloak, I was wracked with envy. But it lasted only until a quarter past, at which time she shared a jam tart with me and lamented the fact that her hair will never hold a curl so well as mine. Ah, vanity—one is hounded by it relentlessly when one has so little to be vain about.

Yesterday we sat in the hayloft and watched Major Sherringham’s hired harvest hands at work. Briefly I lusted. That is when I thought of the Wrong Man again. But even I do not suffer the Maiden’s Palsy as often as Lucy, who will confess—when pressed—that she is seized by wicked desires at least twice daily, even with no militia encamped nearby. I suspect this may be due to the fact that she was once a sickly child. I shall advise her to eat nettle soup. And a quantity of it.



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Character Showcase - Darius Wainwright

In my new series, The Book Club Belles, five young ladies have formed a book society in their small Buckinghamshire village. It is the year 1815 and they've just started reading  Pride and Prejudice. Imagine their surprise when a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives to take possession of the biggest house in the village. He's haughty, reserved, and just like "Mr. Darcy". The gossips are soon in a spin and the Book Club Belles can't help thinking he might have walked directly off the pages of the book they're reading. Whether that's a good, or a bad thing, only time will tell.

Darius Wainwright makes his first appearance in my free introductory story BEFORE THE KISS and you will get to know him more in ONCE UPON A KISS. He's a young man with many responsibilities in his life. He runs a successful shipping business - importing wonderful things like chocolate! - and he is also guardian of his fifteen-year old niece, Sarah. He takes both these things very seriously and it gives him a stiff and haughty appearance. The light relief in his life mostly comes from his best friend Miles Forester, who is always having some romantic misadventure from which he needs to be rescued. As for Sarah, (the niece Darius has raised since she was four and he only nineteen) he believes he's doing a pretty good job, and often thinks to himself...

At least she had the capacity to entertain herself and was not all noise and giggling like most females of her age.

            His stepmother, however, complained the girl was withdrawn and peevish. “You’re raising her to be as unsociable as yourself,” she snapped.

            “Sarah is fifteen. She is not ‘out’ and therefore not meant to be sociable.”

        “Whatever your future plans for the girl, she must learn how to hold a conversation and be gracious. She is too turned in on herself. Of course, she leads a solitary life in this house with no one her own age and no cous­ins, since you flatly refuse to marry and produce any.”

            But Darius saw nothing amiss in his raising of Sarah or in the way she turned out. He measured his success in the fact that he could sit quietly in her company for half an hour and feel neither the stressful need to fill an awk­ward silence nor the beginnings of a tense headache. She seldom made any sign of disagreeing with his opinions and, in fact, had said very recently, “I look at you, Uncle Darius, and know exactly what I want, and don’t want, in a husband.” He was pleased to think he had set her a fine example upon which to base future judgments.

But when he arrives in the village of Hawcombe Prior he soon finds a number of new and unexpected things requiring his attention. One is a very large, complacent, aristocratic pig called Sir Mortimer Grubbins, who by strange accident falls under his care. And another item, even more urgently requiring his attention in this wild, unruly countryside, is Miss Justina Penny - one of those troublesome young ladies of the local book society. He's been warned about those women already, but nothing could have prepared him for what he finds.

Of course, he hasn't read Pride and Prejudice so he has no idea who Mr. Darcy is. From the way Miss Justina Penny keeps mentioning that man with disdain, however, he can only guess Mr. Darcy is the most awful villain ever created. It's clear to Darius that he's off to a bad start since she keeps comparing him to this fictional gentleman. Maybe his housekeeper is right and young women should never be allowed to read romance novels. Surely nothing good can come of it!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

GUEST SPOT - An Indecent Proposal from author Jean Maxwell.


A local radio deejay in my hometown occasionally starts a discussion on his morning show about this. Listeners call in and confess their 'forbidden lusts,' - a TV or other personality that they secretly lust after but would never admit to in real life! These usually turn out to be children's show hosts or geeky TV ad actors, but I want to talk about the most forbidden of forbidden lusts...the workplace love affair! While these are disastrous for a multitude of reasons, there are few among us who haven't witnessed one, or worse -- been part of one!
I have a day job. I work in an office. And certain real-life events got me thinking about how this happens, what goes through people's minds and how far would they take things in a setting that could expose them in the worst possible ways. I then began a story that I quickly realized could spin into an entire collection of different workplace scenarios. Thus, the 'Workplace Gone Wild' series was born.
My first installment, Indecent Proposal, released in January of 2014, with various other story ideas brewing in my mind to follow it up. Surprise, surprise, my publisher then announced an anthology call for office romance stories, to which I quickly stepped up to the plate. By this point I figured I had a reputation to maintain!
A big thank you to Jayne Fresina who reached out to some of her fellow authors and offered blog space for book promotions. If you're a reader who likes a little forbidden lust on your bookshelves, Indecent Proposal is for you! It centers around a busy career woman, divorced and with all the frailties an overworked, thirtysomething girl can have, and is a character a lot of readers can identify with. The train of her professional life gets derailed by a handsome newcomer who shows her some very 'forward' moves!
I hope you enjoy Indecent Proposal, and coming soon, look for 'The Terminatrix' in Evernight Publishing's Executive Assistant anthology due out in June, 2014. You can stay updated on the progress of this and more hot office romance stories by visiting my website/blog and
You can also find me at and @dearjeanmaxwell.
When a hard-working professional girl gets overloaded with projects she tends to go a little crazy. Add in a hot, hunky company newcomer that she must work late into the night with and the stage is set for a workplace gone wild!!
Workaholic PR Manager Carlin Cates is asked to drop everything to help out a new recruit in completing a bid proposal with tight deadlines. She’s not crazy about putting in the extra time until the newcomer, Thatcher Banks, turns out to be the hottest Project Manager in the business!
Sex on the job was only a fantasy for Carlin until Thatcher Banks came along, but just as events in the back room heat up, Banks disappears without explanation. Feeling used and manipulated, more than the proposal seems indecent as Carlin tries to heal her wounded pride and discover the truth about her mysterious co-worker.

Want to read more?

Thanks for stopping by, Jean!
Ms. Maxwell is a fabulous author with many steamy romances out there. If you haven't checked her out yet you're missing a great read! Hope this has whet your appetite.