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Monday, March 31, 2014

Showcase - Nikka Michaels

It may be the end of March, but since Mother Nature seems to have her seasons mixed up this year, why not celebrate a little bit of Christmas spirit? With all this snow around still for most of us, it would not be out of place! Are you in the mood to snuggle up with a good read as you wait for things to heat up? Then this might be what you need.

Nikka is a fellow author who writes in multiple genres. She's been kind enough to share an excerpt from one of her books CHRISTMAS WITH CADEN here today. I hope you enjoy the teaser! Read on to find out more about Nikka and where you can discover more of her work.

Paige Anthony is annoyed at spending Friday night at the company Christmas party. She’s bored until she spots the son of the boss, Caden Davis dancing and is intrigued.
When Caden saves Paige from the advances of his brother, she looks at him in a new light. A few sexy dances later, she manages to forget the horrible beginning of the night. When she decides to leave, he offers to walk her home and admits he’s wanted her for a while. Will Paige’s attraction be enough to make her forget about holidays past and consider Christmas with Caden?

“Is this how you really dance? Because you can show me the real you, you know. After all, you did just middle school dance me. I want a Caden dance.”
His slow, wicked smile made her stomach flip and heat flood her skin. “You want me? You got me.”
Slowly he spun her in a circle, her back resting against the front of his body. His hands settled on her hips, squeezing gently as he nuzzled her ear. His fingers pulled the fabric of her dress taut against her nipples as the delicious friction intensified with every move. She bit back a low moan at the sensation.
“This is me. This is how I really dance.”
Shivering at the feel of his warm breath against her ear, she closed her eyes and let her body go loose, relaxing as she moved with the beat of the music. His hands smoothed up and down her sides, teasingly light as he moved with her, not guiding but simply moving with her.
Through the thin fabric of her dress and his shirt and suit pants, heat from his body added to the sweat that beaded on her skin. She could feel his hardness pressing against her ass when she rocked back into him, though he let her lead all their movement. The club had gotten more crowded as they’d danced. The look on his face when she glanced up at him was one of hunger, his heavy-lidded eyes gone dark, illuminated by the flash of the strobe light. With the top buttons of his shirt undone, he looked as though he’d just been dragged off the floor and ravished.
Paige wanted to be the reason he looked that way.
Want to read more?

To find out more about Nikka Michaels and her work go here:

Nikka Michaels lives in the often rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs with heat. A voracious reader, novice knitter and music lover she’s been known to multitask without breaking a sweat. She loves to read and write M/M romance but believes everyone deserves a love story. She currently has three releases out, Chasing Matt, a M/M novella co-authored with Eileen Griffin, Christmas with Caden, a M/F romance novella from Cobblestone Press, and “Waking up Wolf”, a M/M shifter romance in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology. Her short erotic M/M BDSM story, Room Service was released from Cobblestone Press and the sequel, Lip Service is out April 15, 2014. Nikka is currently at work with her co-author on two M/M foodie romance novels, set to be released summer and fall 2014 from Carina Press.
It's cold out there, so warm up with a good book!







Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wait -- it's the first day of Spring?

So they tell me!
Well, it might not look much like Spring out of my window, but I suppose I'll have to take their word for it.

In my last post I promised you a few more photographs by the talented Theresa Smolen and here they are. Enjoy! I also have some exciting giveaway news if you read on to the end. ;)

Just a reminder: Theresa exhibits locally (her photographs not herself, per se!) at The Short and Stout Tea Company, where they apparently have not only tea but the most wonderful cakes and cookies.

Thanks, Theresa for sharing your work with me!

If you're interested in purchasing a print or notecards with Theresa's work, you can contact her at
And now to more news. Would you like a paperback ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of Once Upon a Kiss? It's the first book in my new series, The Book Club Belles Society, and it will be out in stores in early June 2014, but you can get a signed ARC now if you message me via my Facebook Author Page at
I only have two copies to giveaway, so make like a rabbit and get over there!
(See what I did there - Rabbits=Spring?)
It's in the air!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

O Where Art Thou, Spring?

So as we face the prospect of yet another winter storm in the north east, you might want to put some
color and frisky springiness back in your step by taking a look at these photographs by my super-talented friend Theresa Smolen. Today is part one of a series I will be showing, just to remind us all (and Mother Nature) that there is light at the end of the blizzard.
Theresa has prints of her work for sale and can make some into notecards. She was kind enough to share a sample of her beautiful photos with me for my blog and to cheer us all up as we come (hopefully) to the tail end of this lingering winter. Theresa's contact information is at the end of the post. She also exhibits her pictures locally at the Short and Stout Tea Company.
Theresa and I once worked together on the same floor and that was where we discovered our shared inability to lift heavy objects without laughing. It got to the point that whenever I saw Theresa tripping by my desk to get her coffee I'd start laughing and then so would she. And we STILL laugh about it!

I'm not sure whether she was laughing with me or AT me, actually! But enough of my rambling - enjoy these wonderful photographs....
You can reach Theresa for more information about her photographs at
Ah, I feel better now I know Spring is on its way! Somewhere....