Be Warned: These are the scribblings of a writer unruly, unsupervised, and largely unrepentant

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have decided to begin my blog today, as the snow falls outside my window and everything is so blissfully quiet, before the plows and snowmobiles start their inevitable crusade against my peace of mind. I've resisted a blog for some time now, but after a year of being published and with my first print book to appear on store shelves this spring, I decided it's probably time to get serious. Time to stop pretending I'm only playing at being a writer. Somehow it still sounds pretentious when I hear myself say, "I'm a writer". Truthfully, I spent so much time trying to get published that I think, even now, a year since I received my first contract, I still can't believe it happened to me.
I hope anyone who stops in to visit my journal will enjoy my occasional babblings and perhaps leave a comment of their own. I'd love to hear from those who've read and enjoyed my work. Maybe then I'll start believing  - yes, it actually happened to me. I'm a writer.