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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Thank you from my heart

Coming to the end of my first year as a published writer, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me get this far. (In no particular order)

My husband for his support and patience, after listening to me complain constantly for a hundred years about being an underappreciated genius.
My dad for gifting me with an imagination, a sense of humor and the love of a good story.
My family for being eager to pick up a copy of every new release and tell me they love it (regardless of whether they do or not!)
My friends, for being the guinea pigs on whom I tried out many of my early efforts.
The agent who tried so hard to sell my work and gave me wonderful advice.
The publishers who finally took a chance on me and said "Heck, why not?".
My fellow writers who have given me laughs along the way, often held my virtual hand, slapped my virtual back and driven me to carry on.
The characters who've inspired me every day to get out of bed, sit before the glowing screen of a dell computer and start tapping away before the birds are singing.
The editors who gently chide me for my excessive use of commas and point out to me the things I'm often too engrossed in the story to notice.
The reviewers who've had such lovely things to say about my work.
And the READERS, who spend hard-earned money on the purchase of my books.
Thank you, each and every one for making this a special year!

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