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Friday, January 11, 2013


I can't remember a time when I didn't have stories and characters dancing around inside my head, vacuuming away all the sensible, grown-up thoughts a person is supposed to have. As a child, walking or cycling to school, I used to pass the time by continuing stories in my head, "writing" a chapter a day, purely for my own amusement. I know there's more than one bus driver out there who has yelled at me as he races by, "Watch where you're going, missy!", while I wobble along, with my mind in the clouds, my feet pedaling madly, trying to get whatever masterpiece I'd made in Home Economics or Woodwork home in one piece in the basket of my bike. 
People often say to me (now that my dirty secret is out), "How can you have all these characters and stories floating around in your head?" I think it scares them. Well, no more than it does me sometimes!

Truth is, I don't understand how people can walk around without those characters in their head. I'm normal!

I honestly have no idea where it all comes from. I get my inspiration from the strangest places. I have entire conversations with characters in the shower - when I'm not singing. But if I had to give up writing, I know then I really would go crazy!

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