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Friday, December 27, 2013

Taming the Tudor Male in Three Easy Lessons!

Hold onto your feathered caps, garters and trunk hose! My re-vamped, rejuvenated Tudor series (with a new publisher --TEP) is ready for release at last!

Coming tomorrow in book one - SEDUCING THE BEAST - Maddy Carver, a spirited young lady with a great deal of determination and a passion for Good Deeds, will meet her match in the shape of the darkly mysterious "Beast", otherwise known as The Earl of Swafford.

Coming in book two (January 10)- ONCE A ROGUE - Maddy's younger brother John, will encounter the icy-tempered Lucasta Collyer, who has the gall to think she can get away with only one night of anonymous passion with a stranger.
and finally book three - the one you've been waiting for. THE SAVAGE AND THE STIFF UPPER LIP will be released on January 24th.

Lancelot Upstanding Collyer has been the Earl of Swafford's bodyguard for ten years. He's loyal, ruthless and devoted to his post. He's never failed a single mission in his career, and never been distracted by a woman. But he's about to be tested beyond even his stalwart endurance.
Lady Catherine Mallory, the Earl's eldest daughter has been trouble all her life and nobody's more aware of this than Lancelot - the man often charged with getting her out of scrapes, while she refers to him scornfully as Master Stiff Upper Lip. Now she's all grown up and her father wants her married, but by maintaining her reputation as a 'Shrew,' this wayward lady keeps suitors at bay.
When the bodyguard and the Earl's daughter are caught together in a scandalous midnight tryst, they might claim it was a case of mistaken identity, but the Earl sees a chance to finally tame his stubborn daughter. A marriage is arranged at once, but with certain... stipulations . Can Lance tame his Shrew and keep that perfect record of victory, as well as her maidenhead, intact? Or will Cate find a way to conquer his notorious stiff upper lip and seduce her husband?
I'm excited! Hope you are too!


  1. Yay Jayne! We're so excited to be able to get this series out for you. Nothing but wishes for great success!

  2. Just delivered the book last night. Gettingready to readit. How do you keep coming up with your ideas?


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