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Thursday, December 31, 2015


The year of 2015 has been a fabulous one for me, to put it mildly. I've succeeded in getting more books published than ever before and embarked on a new Victorian family saga which I love writing. I've also been lucky enough to have one of my books bought for Portuguese translation which has expanded my fan base to Brazil and made me some wonderful new friends there too.

Perhaps the biggest personal achievement this year has been my decision to give up my day job and begin writing full time. It was not an easy decision to make -- in fact it was downright scary -- but I am so glad I took the plunge. Now I can devote more of my time to putting out the stories I want to write and that readers, hopefully, want to read.

Now, heading into a brand new year, I'm looking forward to seeing where the world of publishing will take me next. First up is the release of HOW TO RESCUE A RAKE (January 5, 2016), which will probably be the final book in the Book Club Belles series I wrote for Sourcebooks, Inc. I'll be sad to say goodbye to those characters, but I'm very happy with how Diana's story turned out so I think it's a satisfying end to the series. Who knows, there might be another at some point, but that really depends on readers and on the publisher.

I'm also continuing THE DEVERELLS saga, of course, with stories from more children of the notorious True Deverell -- and maybe some other relatives too. You'll have to wait and see who's next!

Another light-hearted Regency era series will be revealed in 2016 too - The Ladies Most Unlikely will emerge to wreck havoc this spring in THE TROUBLE WITH HIS LORDSHIP'S TROUSERS. So looking forward to that one!

All things considered 2016 is looking busy, bright and...dare I say it ...bouncy.

I hope the new year is full of good things for you. As we wave goodbye to 2015 and set off together into more adventures between the pages, I wish all my readers every happiness for the year ahead.


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