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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

O Where Art Thou, Spring?

So as we face the prospect of yet another winter storm in the north east, you might want to put some
color and frisky springiness back in your step by taking a look at these photographs by my super-talented friend Theresa Smolen. Today is part one of a series I will be showing, just to remind us all (and Mother Nature) that there is light at the end of the blizzard.
Theresa has prints of her work for sale and can make some into notecards. She was kind enough to share a sample of her beautiful photos with me for my blog and to cheer us all up as we come (hopefully) to the tail end of this lingering winter. Theresa's contact information is at the end of the post. She also exhibits her pictures locally at the Short and Stout Tea Company.
Theresa and I once worked together on the same floor and that was where we discovered our shared inability to lift heavy objects without laughing. It got to the point that whenever I saw Theresa tripping by my desk to get her coffee I'd start laughing and then so would she. And we STILL laugh about it!

I'm not sure whether she was laughing with me or AT me, actually! But enough of my rambling - enjoy these wonderful photographs....
You can reach Theresa for more information about her photographs at
Ah, I feel better now I know Spring is on its way! Somewhere....

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  1. I was laughing with you Jayne...always with you and I think of you every time I lift something heavy!


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