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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wait -- it's the first day of Spring?

So they tell me!
Well, it might not look much like Spring out of my window, but I suppose I'll have to take their word for it.

In my last post I promised you a few more photographs by the talented Theresa Smolen and here they are. Enjoy! I also have some exciting giveaway news if you read on to the end. ;)

Just a reminder: Theresa exhibits locally (her photographs not herself, per se!) at The Short and Stout Tea Company, where they apparently have not only tea but the most wonderful cakes and cookies.

Thanks, Theresa for sharing your work with me!

If you're interested in purchasing a print or notecards with Theresa's work, you can contact her at
And now to more news. Would you like a paperback ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of Once Upon a Kiss? It's the first book in my new series, The Book Club Belles Society, and it will be out in stores in early June 2014, but you can get a signed ARC now if you message me via my Facebook Author Page at
I only have two copies to giveaway, so make like a rabbit and get over there!
(See what I did there - Rabbits=Spring?)
It's in the air!


  1. You crack me up! No, not exhibiting myself per se...but my photos are like a piece of me! Spring flower card sets are also now available at Gade Farm locally as of yesterday.

    Now I must bunny hop on over to your facebook page...

  2. I want to order some of your prints for my wall, but I haven't decided which yet!


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