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Friday, May 9, 2014

Character Showcase - Miles Forester

Miles Forester is the hero's best friend in BEFORE THE KISS and ONCE UPON A KISS. As the younger son of an Earl he's led an easy life with few responsibilities - unlike his friend, Darius Wainwright - but these many advantages have not made him selfish or aloof. He's easy-going, seldom in a bad mood, and loyal to his friend. Wherever he goes, he makes an effort to be entertaining and is always a gentleman. He is a man devoid of malice or ulterior motive and that makes him an invaluable friend for Darius.

Miles is described by Darius as leaping into a room like a "young, amiable Labrador". And I saw the character exactly like that. I've known a few of those big-hearted dogs with their sunny, happy-go-lucky, lolloping strides, and that is how I envisioned Miles Forester. Maybe without the slobber, though!

His friend also describes him as "an optimist and a romantic", completely opposite to his own character. While Miles has a knack for fitting in wherever he goes, his friend is always very much the square peg in the round hole. But these two extremely different men are close friends and have been so since their days at university. Darius is a steadying influence for Miles. In return, Miles brings some light relief into the hard-working life of his stern, reserved friend. He's also very good at charming women and therefore keeping them out of his friend's way.

Miles has a nose for mischief too - like any good Golden Lab worth it's name - and he knows when his best friend has a secret fancy for a troublesome young lady. And with the best will in the world he means to do whatever he can to help his friend find love.

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