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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Introducing the Book Club Belles Society

Today my e-book novella introducing the new series Book Club Belles Society is released. IT'S SHORT AND IT'S FREE!
So you really can't lose, right?

BEFORE THE KISS is a short story to start the new series off. It introduces readers to Justina Penny and Darius Wainwright - the heroine and hero of ONCE UPON A KISS.
This novella is all about those very important first impressions that will set Jussy and Darius up for their  later encounters and explain exactly why they already have some not-very-flattering opinions of each other.
Jussy doesn't have much good to say about the haughty, mysterious gentleman when he shows up in her village. Even when her fellow "Belles" at the local Book Society start swooning over "Mr. Darcy" in their latest read Pride and Prejudice, Jussy is simply waiting for Elizabeth Bennet to crack the boring fellow over the head with a chamber pot.
And he certainly isn't prepared to fall head over heels for her.
Want to know why?

Pick it up. It's FREE.


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