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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Character Showcase - Lady Bramley

Harry looked fondly down at his tattered, infinitely comfortable dressing gown and wondered if he might suddenly come up with an illness and send his regrets. But no, the horror of attending one of his aunt's dire social events loomed without possibility of reprieve. Lady Bramley could find vulnerable parts in a man's excuses as effectively as the spikes of an iron maiden could find them in his body. He often thought she would have been quite at home leading the Spanish Inquisition.

* * * *

Lady Bramley is the redoubtable aunt of the hero in "The Trouble with His Lordship's Trousers". She takes great interest in his well-being - too much interest, in his opinion - and  hopes, one day, to get him married to a suitable woman who can take over the difficult task of keeping Harry half-way civilized.

A keen gardener, Lady Bramley likes to grow prize-winning vegetables and she views Harry as a challenge not unlike the nurturing of one of her famous marrows. She knows he is determined to avoid all her schemes, but that does not put her off.

            "I fear, madam, that you are destined for disappointment if you continue in this idea of developing and improving me like one of your prize-winning vegetables."

            "Don't be foolish, Henry. A champion gourd takes a vast deal more care and trouble to cultivate than a man. Although it is usually a more satisfactory enterprise, I must say."

            "Your methods don't seem to have worked with me."

            "Henry dear, I haven't even begun with you."

Lady Bramley enjoys nothing as much as a challenge, whether it means corralling her sons and nephew into gentlemanlike behavior, grooming her beloved lapdog, trimming a wayward hedge, or taking a troublesome miss under her wing. When she sees something out of place, she has to tidy it. And when she sees two young people in need of each other, she has to make sure she brings them together. One way or another!

Read more about Lady Bramley and her match-making efforts in The Trouble with His Lordship's Trousers - out now !

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