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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hi there! Spring is almost upon us, and to celebrate I'll be welcoming the season with the first book in my new Regency romantic comedy series The Ladies Most Unlikely.

This light-hearted series will follow the fortunes and romantic misadventures of three friends, who met and formed an unshakeable bond while they were unhappy students at a London finishing-school for young ladies.

Georgiana Hathaway, Melinda Goodheart and Emma Chance all come from very different beginnings (yes, a bit like Charlie's Angels!) but they all have one thing in common - a love for adventure and a desire to do something unexpected with their lives.

As students at The Particular Establishment for the Advantage of Respectable Ladies (sometimes called The PEARL), they were each expected to conform with the Regency era society's ideals for proper young ladies. And they all failed, quite spectacularly, to come up to standard. The school headmistress, Mrs. Julia Lightbody, calls them bad apples, a blot on the reputation of her academy - the ladies least likely to make good matches.

Thus they become The Ladies Most Unlikely, and as they go out into the world, society had better be prepared.

As Mrs. Lightbody says, "Of all my pupils you three are the very worst. A bad lot. Destined to go down in infamy."  

And Georgiana happily agrees. After all, as she is fond of saying, "If one must go down in something, it may as well be  the good ship Infamy."

The first book in this series (The Trouble with His Lordship's Trousers) will tell the story of outspoken, inquisitive Miss Georgiana Hathaway and Commander Sir Henry Thrasher - a war hero, who once spent two and a half years shipwrecked on an unchartered island, has been declared dead twice, and has a distinct aversion to decent clothing. And nosy young ladies.

So how does this odd couple meet? I'll leave you with a hint.

"Here before her was a legend— a man knighted for bravery, and much admired for his valor and steel-spine fortitude. She had eagerly devoured the Commander's heroic Naval exploits in her father's paper, where it was written that even bloodthirsty, lawless pirates held "Dead Harry" in high regard.

The man was a national institution, and she had just felled him with her inconsequential and shamefully airborne buttocks."

* * * *

Author's note: Please be warned, or assured (depending upon your personal preference), that The Ladies Most Unlikely series contains scenes of mild sensuality, but I have decided to leave these particular heroines with a little more privacy. It is not, therefore, erotica, but romance that might just make you blush a tiny bit - when you're not laughing.

While leaving some scenes to the reader's imagination, I hope also to leave you wholly satisfied with the story, the characters and their outcome. I don't believe you will find anything lacking.

Thank you for reading!



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